Orpheus One

– Digital Audio Interface

Orpheus One – Digital Audio InterfaceORPHEUS ONE can accommodate up to four digital to analog or analog to digital conversion boards, as well as a combination of both. Its modular design allows for future upgrades such as improved algorithms or new data formats.

ORPHEUS ONE is available with the aluminum front panel for private use or with the rack mount front panel for professional use.

ORPHEUS ONE can therefore be tailored to your present needs and adapted to your needs in the future … from a two-channel re-sampling and digital to analog conversion for audiophiles to eight channel analog to digital conversion in studios.

ORPHEUS ONE is designed for ORPHEUS DA-ONE 24bit/192kHz sample rate conversion and digital to analog conversion boards, as well as other conversion and processing boards.

Technical data

Conversion boards max. 4
Size 1 U rack mount unit
482 x 370 x 50 mm
482 x 370 x 44 mm
with feet
without feet
Weight 10 kg
Voltage 190-250 V
95-125 V
50-60 Hz
50-60 Hz
Power consumption 8 W
32 W
1 board
4 boards