Globe Audio Marketing shares honour for Best Sound room at Stereophile Show in San Francisco!

Globe Audio Marketing is proud to announce that they share the honour of being an exhibitor in the “Best Sound” room at the June 2003 Home Entertainment Show in San Francisco, as chosen by the votes of the people attending the show. Globe Audio supplied the digital source for music in the room, with the new Orpheus Laboratories Zero transport and the One D/A converter. Globe had been invited to exhibit with Manley Labs (preamp, phono stage and amps) and Joseph Audio speakers. Other equipment included the La Luce turntable, Grand Prix Audio stands, Cardas Cable and Equitech line conditioners.

Globe Audio Marketing also made the top list elsewhere at the show, in a room shared-with Hovland amplifiers and Triangle speakers, as they employed the new Audio Aero Prestige SACD player.

Wilson Benesch speakers were also highlighted in one of the best rooms, and several Journalists have mentioned the Benesch speakers in their favourite rooms.

We’ve Moved

Hi all,

Globe Audio Marketing has moved to a new address:

1873 Rymal Rd. E.
Stoney Creek, Ontario
Canada L8J 2R6 


Product Specific News 

Audio Aero 

Lately there have been postings appearing on various internet audio related discussion groups regarding the Capitole MKII CD player. Any owner of a MKII CD player is advised to contact Globe Audio Marketing to receive the timely and correct information.  

Prestige AV Player will be available mid of 2002 and will feature :

  • SACD 2 and 6 channel, DVD-V, CD, CD-R, CD-RW, CDV compatible
  • Exclusive STARS® 32 bit / 192 kHz RE-SAMPLER
    (for DVD-V, CD, CD-R, CD-RW and all digital inputs for right and left channel)
    DTS and Dolby Digital 5.1 decoders (pending certification from Dolby Laboratory Licensing Corporation and DTS A/V Licensing.)
  • 1 DAC 24bit / 192kHz with DSD/PCM bridge and 2 DAC 24bit / 192kHz + DSD
  • Subminiature tube output stage (for the right and left channel)
  • Built-in volume control (selectable + master control)
  • future progressive scan option
  • Digital inputs : BNC – RCA – AT&T – TOSLINK – AES/EBU – firewire for DSD and 24/192 PCM
  • Digital outputs: MPEG2 – DTS – AC3 from the mechanical base
  • PCM from digital inputs
  • Analog outputs : Balanced and unbalanced
  • Video outputs : S-VIDEO – RGB – YUV – CVBS

To all purchasers of Audio Aero Capitole 24/192 MKII CD Player

Audio Aero is currently replacing packaging for the Capitole CD player because a number have been damaged in shipping. This new packaging will insure that no further damage will be caused by carriers.

Capitole 24/192 MKII CD Player started shipping June 3rd.

We at Globe Audio Marketing apologize for such a long delay in releasing the Capitole MKII. We can assure you that the new Capitole MK}II is a huge improvement over the MKI in construction, functions and most of all, in sound. Globe Audio Marketing will always strive to provide our clients with products of excellence in sound quality and reliability.

Jody Hickson
Globe Audio Marketing