Customer & Dealer Feedback

The following are comments from e-mails and Internet postings given by the owners of our products,
our dealers and people in the trade who use our products:

  • Thank you so much for all the great support that you have provided. I never felt “alone” in solving this issue which speaks a lot for your representation of the brand. G.L.

  • Thanks….J. is a very good customer of mine, so I appreciate you taking care of this in a prompt and professional manner. I would also like to say thanks in how you have taken care of (customer) R. in getting him a replacement MK2 Capitole for the MK1 unit which UPS trashed. R. is probably my BEST and most loyal customer who has spent many tens of thousands of dollars with me over the past 10 years, so again, thank you for taking good care of him. Best regards, R.B. (Dealer)

  • Anyway, here’s your feedback! The Capitole Mk. I replaced my (competitor) which this time last year I thought was a quite magnificent piece. A couple of days into having the Capitole Mk. II, I put the (competitor) away thinking the Capitole was a bit better but not incredibly so, therefore I thought that there is a large $ premium to pay for a little better performance. Seven months later, putting the (competitor) back in the system, because the Cap is out for an upgrade, is a truly devastating experience. The sound is so grainy, veiled, distorted, and with awful PRAT (two left feet!) that I’d almost think the (competitor) is defective. It probably sounds normal though. This experience would indicate that the return on improved performance for a good source is still very rewarding and not to be underestimated. Perhaps this is a story like you’ve heard elsewhere? owner from the Audio industry|

  • …as helpful as the North American Outlet located at Globe Audio in Canada. Call them: (800)330-3804. The response is so good that you will wind up calling them first, even when you think the information is available locally. These guys even track individual serial numbers and releases and can answer all kinds of questions! U.J.

  • I just got my Audio Aero repaired by their authorized repair shop in Austin Texas. I got it to them on a Monday and, after some extensive repairs of my damaged CD player, it was on it’s way back to me by Wednesday evening. It was in the shop only two days. Also, the labor charges were very honest and not at all like it could have been considering the highly specialized service…… I couldn’t more highly recommend Audio Aero and Globe Audio Marketing’s service on repairs.

  • MkII owner, I think you made a WISE choice, I have owned (A competitor) digital and have listened to (B competitor) extensively and found both to be very unmusical compared to the audio aero unit. From all of my experiences, running directly to an amp has always sounded better with players that use analog volume control- the ( A & B) use digital volume control and bits are lost! I didn’t believe it when I owned my (A) front end, but there is so much more information you’re not hearing and it’s so transparent and enjoyable- there simply is NO comparison if you have used both in your system for any length of time. I am sure some will disagree, however, this has been my experience time and time again.

  • … if your experience is anywhere near as good as mine has been from these folks (Globe Audio Marketing), your praise for Audio Aero will be only good. Relax, you will be in the proverbial….”good hands’.

  • …I have the (audio Aero) Prima. One killer CDP. I’ve said this adnauseam, I know, but you can’t touch this baby for the price and maybe twice that. At least it’ll go a full 15 rounds with players costing a helluva lot more…

  • I have said to many times as has (another Audio Aero owner) that the Prima is one killer player. I’ve compared it to and own some high dollar players and for the money, I would imagine it would be very hard to beat

  • You don’t really need to audition a Prima. Just order one. I had mine for about 1 1/2 years and I had a real problem letting it go. I became very attached to it like an affair if you will. But I did manage to live without it after I fell in love with the Capitole. Now for the full retail difference between the Prima and the Cap., the Prima is the way to go. I, however, picked up the Cap for a good price used and well…. it is more than I expected, way more.

  • I currently own an Audio Aero Capitole MKII with a ( A brand) Pre-amp the result of which is Audio Heaven. I cannot think of anything else which I can add/change which will improve the sound significantly.

  • Go with the Capitole, as it’s truly the best sounding CD player I’ve heard to date without going completely ballistic. I suppose one might find a similar sounding unit at 3 times the asking price.

  • Furthermore, I’ve found the Capitole actually sounded a lot more 3-dimensional with better sound staging when running direct using it’s built-in volume…. if there are two things which I’ll definitely take with me when I pass on, it will be the Capitole MKII CD Player (and his amplifier)…

  • My friend with the (expensive turntable) sold it, and is listening solely to an audio aero Capitole mkII actually- which is kind of funny… he seems to have given up on analog and now has 10k+ LP’s that he has no clue what to do with!

  • I recently upgraded my (competitor) with the Audio Aero Prima CD player. The differences in a very modest system are staggering, the Prima makes the (competitor) sound dull and congested extremely lacking in space and detail. I think the Prima is a real “sleeper”…