Asside Equipment Rack

– Wilson Benesch furniture design concept

Aside Equipment RackThe display and support of High-Performance audio equipment is an engineering problem. Our perspective on answering this problem redefines all the main concerns relating to the quality of the structures, ergonomics, flexibility and aesthetics.

The Aside is the natural development of tried and proven design. The Asside goes beyond other systems by providing the enthusiast with an adjustable, future proof solution to racking equipment. It is available either as a standard version or as bespoke design, offering a degree of adjustability with apertures tailored to the needs of each piece of equipment. The height can be specified to provide the ideal monoblock support, or as a floor to ceiling array.

The platforms for the Aside come in three options that can be specified according to the demands of the domestic interior design. Each platform is designed to integrate with the overall visual aesthetic, available in either 10mm plate glass, or wrap around shelves in satin black with solid wood inlay or black textured finishes.